Amr Khaled MP3 Lectures: Al-Akhlak and Al-3ebadat

Description: This single CD contains MP3 files with over 35 hours of Amr Khaled lectures in Arabic. You can listen to this CD on any computer, laptop, or upload the files to a portable MP3 Player. Click here to listen to a short sample clip from one of the lectures.

The price is $4.99 only (about 25 Egyptian Pounds). Shipping to the USA is $5 for 7-10 day delivery, and $10 for 2 day delivery. Shipping to any other country is $10 for 2 weeks delivery, and $20 for 3 day delivery.

All profits from sale of this CD will be donated to the children cancer hospital in Egypt.

Table of Contents:
Al-3ebadat: Ahameyat Al-Salah, Alkhosho3 Fi Al-Salah, Salaht-Al-Jama3ah, Qiyam Al-Layl, Al-Hajj 1, Al-Hajj 2, Al-Do3aa2, Al-Zikr, Al-Quran.
Al Akhlaq: Al-Akhlaq, Al-Tawado3, Al-Ehsan, Al-Hayaa2, Al-Wafaa2, Al-Amanah, Al-Sabr, Al-Ethar, Al-Hejjab, Al-Sedq, Al-Rahmah, Al-Zooq.
Islah El-Quoloob: Islah Al-Quoloob, Al-Yaqeen, Al-Tawbah, Al-Tawakol, Al-Taqua, Al-Reda, Al-Mawt, Al-Jannah, Al-Islam, Al-Infaq, Al-Ekhlas, Al-3efa, Youm El-Qeyama.


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